Impact of socio-demographics on subjective wel being - a study on female teachers of public sector universities of Karachi –Pakistan

Sheeba Farhan and Dr. Amena Zehra Ali

Teachers are seen as generation builders. Their academic knowledge serves as their tool to better guide their students. For this tool to be successfully utilized it is frequently observed that demographic factors are appeared to be one of those influential factors that have vital impacts on their life; especially, the performance of a person. This key aspect of human life is impacted by subjective well-being. This study is undertaken to assess the subjective well-being of female teachers of universities of public sector. It is hypothesized that different socio demographics factors will produce varying effect on subjective well-being and life satisfaction of public universities’ female teachers. 101 female university teachers from different public universities of Karachi-Pakistan are surveyed through simple random sampling by means of The ICP Subjective Well-being Scale as the tools of quantitative data research. Data analysis tools including descriptive statistics, correlation, ANOVA and t-test with subjective wellbeing as the dependent variable and socio demographics factors as the independent variables are used. Analysis shows that the designation, numbers of children and income are playing important role subjective well-being and life satisfaction of public universities’ female teachers. Findings of the study are supported with theoretical and cultural framework and avenues for the further researches are also suggested.

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