Implementation of Nopal fiber for the design of luminaires

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Implementation of Nopal fiber for the design of luminaires

Fragoso Hernández Félix Alberto, Herrera Reyes Lucila, Islas Valverde Gustavo, J. and Nájera Jácome M. Monserrat


This project shows the process of conceptualization and construction of luminaires with environmentally friendly materials reducing their time of degradation. This was developing with a polymer-based composite material reinforced with vegetable fibers such as "nopal" fibers, so commonly called. The plant of scientific name "Opuntia spp", inside the botany, belongs to the cacti family, having as main characteristic the storage of water, with which they survive to periods of intense heat. New ways of developing objects that cover the diverse needs of users, that have the use of materials that are friendly to the environment and that are degradable in a shorter time, have arisen today. Thus, results obtained from luminaires for interior spaces are shown.

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