Importance of lifestyle in type 2 diabetes mellitus control

International Journal of Development Research

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Importance of lifestyle in type 2 diabetes mellitus control

Paula Paulina Costa Tavares, Gina Andrade Abdala, Odete Santelle and Maria Dyrce Dias Meira


Objective: To know the perception of patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on the influence of lifestyle in disease control. Method: Exploratory and descriptive study, qualitative approach based on the Theory of Social Representations. Was carried out on 23 adult individuals with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, enrolled in a Family Health Unit - Brazil. The data collected through a semi structured interview and processed and analyzed using the Collective Subject Discourse technique. Results: The first question identified three Central Ideas: The person should take care of himself and lead a quiet life; Preserve your well-being with God; For good health, a person can’t abuse in anything. In the second, five Central Ideas were identified: The most difficult is to follow a healthy diet; Practicing regular physical activity is difficult; Taking the medication is something complicated; Is difficult is to have adequate rest: Nothing is difficult. Final considerations: The participants partially understand the importance of lifestyle in disease control, which hinders adherence and self-care difficult. Health professionals should promote more effective communication strategies, and encouraging the participation of diabetic patients in the management of living conditions that have an impact on the control of the disease and, consequently, on the prevention of complications.

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