The importance of the parliament control institute in the development of political system

Otabek Khasanov

Over the years after independence, Central Asian countries have undergone serious transformations towards building of a democratic state. Legal and institutional foundations of the parliamentary oversight have established with the aim of ensuring rule of law and greater transparency and efficiency in public policy. Although the concept of ‘parliamentary oversight’ is widely discussed and mostly used by the politicians, as a theoretical notion little attention has been given by the academic community in Central Asian countries. Likewise, despite rigorous legal and institutional frameworks, oversight roles of the parliaments in Central Asia have not enjoyed similar level of success in controlling the Executive as it is in many developed countries. Thus, the current paper intends to propose new insights for further research by highlighting recent trends and developments in oversight research in the world, and urges academic community to facilitate politicians and practitioners with an appropriate research and proposals to enhance the efficiency of parliamentary control over the policies and programs of the executive government.

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