Improving quality of work life through human resource information System

Mansi Saxena Devyani Dubey

Global impact, multi-tasking jobs, advancement of technology, changing demand patterns, upgradation of skills, meeting deadlines and unpredictable behavior inside and outside the organization bends our focus on improving the quality of work life (QWL) to invite opportunities and satisfaction among the employees. Human resource information system (HRIS) is a strategic integration of forecasting, planning, analysis and communication which gives a push to HR practitioners to manage talent, performance, career growth and retention of employees. Therefore, this study is an attempt to look towards improving QWL through HRIS with a mixed methodology to collect the data. A qualitative research has been done by exploring various corporate portals, magazines and websites. 16 employees of middle level management and 8 employees of top management of HR department ofNagarroSoftwares are questioned via face-to-face interaction, telephonic conversation and group discussion to analyse the contribution of HRIS in improving the QWL. The findings of the study suggests that, employees are able to work in more systematic manner, there was an easy exchange of information, hurdles and loops in completion of task are taken care off with client satisfaction. The management gets clarity on what has been done and what can be done…HR information system has actually stopped the poking nose of trouble creators of the organization by giving the clear picture on work done by the employees along with recognition and rewards for the deserving employees. The need is to inculcate the education and importance of HRIS among the employees with regular use of the system, so that every employee can take advantage.

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