Innervation of the olfactory apparatus of chacides sepoides (squamata– lacertilia- scincidae)

Amel Ramadan Omar and Ahmed I. Dakrory

The aim of this study is to analyzed the three nervi; terminalis, vomeronasalis and olfactorius emerging from the olfactory apparatus. The lizard Chacidessepoides was collected from Sinai and was undergone to permanent histological preparation. Through the examination of the olfactory apparatus of this species resulted in the vomeronasal organ is innervated by two correlating nerves: terminal and vomeronasal nerves that originating from its sensory epithelium. The terminal nerve bears the ganglion terminale. The olfactory nerve innervates the olfactory chamber. The three nerves leave the nasal capsule through the fenestra olfactoriaadvehens as separate bundles. They enter the cranial cavity through the fenestra olfactoriaevehens. The olfactory nerve connected with the main olfactory bulb. The terminal connects with the outer layer of the brain, while the vomeronasal one joins the accessory olfactory bulb. The three nerves are perspicuous special sensory.

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