Internet of things (iot) advantages on e-learning in the smart cities

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Internet of things (iot) advantages on e-learning in the smart cities

Majid Bayani, Karol Leiton and Mayra Loaiza


This article focuses on the research associated to the benefits of the e-learning in the smart cities. A theoretical analysis is explored in this paper. Emergent technology such as IoT is rapidly developing in the computing and digital world. Creation of the smart cities is growing with the concept of the IoT in parallel. E-citizens as one of the main elements have a vital role in the community and building the smart cities. It is self-evident that a new form of the citizen (e-citizen) in the smart cities can play a vital role if it receives adequate e-education. These subjects can become creative and entrepreneur players which can guarantee the educational objectives of the smart cities. In the digital era, the IoT campuses in the smart cities are concentrated on the amplification of the e-education component by using effective e-learning. This article focuses on the need of adopting IoT technologies in smart city campuses, analyzing the predictable advantages of the e-learning. The remarkable benefits of the e-learning and its application in the smart cities with a detailed discussion are presented in the paper. The conclusion can be used as a concise topic for the future study of the smart city researchers.

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