The intuition of nothingness in aristotelian thought

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

The intuition of nothingness in aristotelian thought

Héctor Sevilla Godínez


This article inquires into the existing link between Aristotelian thought and Nothingness; for it, some pre-Aristotelian references are boarded, like Sophocles, Gorgias, or Plato. In the same manner, an analysis of Aristotle’s Metaphysics is carried out, centering the attention mainly on his concept of the Immobile Motor and what has been denominated as Aristotelian Theology. The intention is to demonstrate that, in spite of the originating denial that the Stagerian Philosopher undergoes about the not-being, nothingness is implicit in his concepts of movement, attraction, and divinity; in this sense, in spite of nothingness not being conceivable in the culture left behind by Aristotle, he intuited it in his philosophical proposal.

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