Investigating inter-district disparity in RCH care utilization status in India, 2002-2007

Malay Das

Using data from the District Level Household and Facility Survey (DLHS) of 2002-04 and 2007-08, and 61st round of National Sample Survey (2004-05), this paper examines the district-level (inter-district) disparity in reproductive and child health (RCH) care utilization status in India. Ranking of districts is done and coefficient of variation is used to assess the degree of district-level variation in RCH care status. Lorenz curve is drawn to examine the district-level inequality in RCH care utilization. The ordinary least-square regression technique is applied to examine the factors explaining the district-level variation in RCH care utilization. Results suggest that economically backward districts in India were lagged behind in health care utilization. The degree of inequality in this dimension was found to be large among economically well-off districts. The women’s education and women’s awareness to health care utilization were found to have greater role in promoting the use of RCH services.

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