Isolated left sided diaphragmic injury due to blunt trauma

International Journal of Development Research

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Case Report

Isolated left sided diaphragmic injury due to blunt trauma

Dr. Asjad Karim Bakhteyar, Dr. Kumar Abhishek Ranjan, Dr. Shakil Jawed, Dr. Md Ashraf Ali, Dr. Ajeet Kumar and Dr. Habibullah Ansari


Diaphragmatic injury presents as acute emergency and associated with other life threatening injury of other organs. Sudden increase in intra-abdominal pressure may cause injury in the membranous or muscular part of the diaphragm. Early diagnosis is the most important step in the management. Delayed diagnosis can result in a diaphragmatic hernia with high mortality, morbidity and high mortality rate due to complications such as strangulation and incarceration. X-Ray abdomen and chest will be guide for identifying most of the diaphragmatic injury in emergency. We reported two cases, one is presented with respiratory distress immediately following blunt trauma, and other one is presented with acute intestinal obstruction two weeks after blunt trauma both are managed through surgical procedure.

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