Knowledge and practices regarding antenatal assessment among obstetric nurses

Manveet Kaur, Nidhi Sagar and Mamta

Aim: To assess the knowledge and practices regarding antenatal assessment among nurses working in obstetric units. Method: A descriptive research was done and data was collected from 60 nurses working in obstetric units of selected hospitals. Structured questionnaire and checklist was used to assess the knowledge and practices regarding antenatal assessment of nurses. Results: Majority of nurses were in age group of 20-30 years, less than half of nurses were G.N.M working in private hospitals with experience of 1-5 years in labour room on regular basis and less than half of nurses had never attended any in service programme on antenatal assessment. Majority of nurses (44%) had average knowledge level, followed by (38%) with good knowledge and (15%) had below average knowledge level and only (3%) nurses had excellent level of knowledge and Maximum number of nurses (70%) had average practices, (26.7%) nurses had good practices while (3.3%) nurses had below average practices regarding antenatal assessment. The association of knowledge and practices was statistically tested and found to be highly significant (p<0.001). Conclusion: The study concluded there is average knowledge and practices among nurses regarding antenatal assessment of pregnant women. There is significant association between knowledge and practice at p=0.000.

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