Leadership and problems of national development: an assessment of unemployment problem and movement of Nigerian youths to developed countries of the world

ODUWOLE, Tajudeen Adebowale and ADEDIGBA Isa Adegboyeg\

Leadership is the key social upliftment, social stagnation and even social decay, but there is no such agreement as to which kind of leadership is most capable of meeting and enhancing national development. The main objectives of the study are to find out the problem of leadership that resulted in mass movement of Nigerian youths to Europe. The study employed survey method (questionnaires), that are administered to two hundred (200) respondents (both leaders and youths) selected with the aid of both purposive and systematic random sampling techniques across twenty (20) Local Government Areas and thirty-seven (37) Council Development Areas in Lagos State, Nigeria, being the study areas. Likert scale, descriptive and advance statistics are used for the measurement of variables and analyses of data. The findings of the study revealed that unrelenting progression of corruption, bad governance and bad economic management resulted to frustration impeded on the youth is observable in the increase proportion of Nigerian youths who seek salvation in foreign lands Therefore, the strongest thrust of the study is that an holistic approach should be taken towards value-reorientation for Nigerian leaders and the followers. Added to this, is that there should be attitudinal re-orientation in youth development programme, youth unemployment should be tackled head-on and efforts should be geared toward transformation in technology revolution by the government-good leaders to say the least.

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