Local social and civil social community Moi in west papua sorong

International Journal of Development Research

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Local social and civil social community Moi in west papua sorong


Moi community is one of the tribes that exist in West Papua that have characteristics different from other tribe who have local wisdom and social capital that until now still strong. Local or local wisdom wisdom is a local wealth associated with the way of life view that accommodates policies based on tradition prevailing in an area so that local wisdom not only consists of norms and values that exist in society but also all elements of ideas, including those has implications for technology, health care, development and aesthetics especially in Moi community in Sorong. While social capital is a social resource that can be viewed as investai to obtain new resources in Moi society in Sorong.Local wisdom and social capital Moi community in this research reveals about marriage system, property distribution system, gender or customary system of woman, customary rights, custom system in dead or death, education system, livelihood system, health care system and clan system. Besides, this study also describes the profile of Moi tribe community in Sorong city, West Papua.

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