Loktak lake and ecotourism prospects

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Loktak lake and ecotourism prospects

Dr. Shamurailatpam Shantibala Devi


As ecotourism is a new approach in tourism, greater emphasis is being laid on it with a view to appreciate the cultural and natural history of the environment with special care to preserve and protect the natural resources and not to disturb the ecosystem. Ecotourism may be regarded as a vital means for generating employment, income, and revenue of the State, preserving cultural heritage, improving overall environment and facilitating growth of a sound and fair Social order. Manipur, being a land of enchanting natural beauties has abundant potentials of ecotourism. The Loktak Lake of Manipur, the largest fresh water lake in North-East India, situated at Moirang, about 48 km. away from Imphal, enriched with her bountiful ingredients of nature like various aquatic flora and fauna, her cultural aesthetics and historical significance is one of the foremost ecotourism destinations in Manipur to cater to the eco tourists and nature lovers. This paper attempts to highlight the ecotourism potentials in the Loktak Lake and its surrounding areas for the promotion of ecotourism in the State to achieve Socio-economic benefits as well as the preservation of nature, environment and cultural heritage.

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