Low cost wireless data acquisition system for multisensor applications

International Journal of Development Research

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Low cost wireless data acquisition system for multisensor applications

Bachuwar, V.D., Shaligram, A.D. and Deshmukh, L.P.


Automated irrigation systems for agriculture purposes are becoming increasingly important and popular due to the scarcity of water resources and increasing demands of food production. Data acquisition is one of the most important aspects in the automated systems in agriculture sector. This paper presents a low cost wireless system for data acquisition. Sensor nodes and frame format of the sensor data are built using an Atmega328 microcontroller. X-Bee offers the wireless connectivity between the sensor nodes and co-ordinator node build using an ATmega2560, which is in turn communicated to the LabVIEW using serial a communication (VISA). The sensor nodes, capable of acquiring information about multiple parameters related to the status of the farm field, are installed at the farm site and data from each sensor node are processed and stored in a spread sheet format with date and time stamp for each sensor. The design considerations and test results of this data acquisition system monitoring the sensor parameters 24x7 with user defined interval are presented in this paper.

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