Managerial approaches adoptedat schools and their effects on the professional development of teachers

Sait Akbaşlı, Lütfi Üredi and Hakan Ulum

One of the determinant factors contributing to the professional development of teachers is the school manager, since the school managers' administration manner determines the speed and capacity of development. With this study, the managerial approaches adopted at schools and their effects on teachers' professional development are aimed to be found out. That’s to say, within the context of the study, it's aimed to have a general knowledge of management approaches adopted by the directors at educational institutions and also to clarify the contribution of the managers to the professional development of the teachers. Parallel to the research objective, various research questions were formulated. Since the research aims to explain the substantial situation as it exists, it has descriptive quality. Besides, in the study, single and relational screening models are employed. The research results show that schools often use classical and neoclassical management approaches. Additionally, according to the teachers participated in the study, the school principals adopt classical management approach mostly in comparison to neoclassical management approach. If we look at the professional development of the teachers from the viewpoint that it is a contribution for the professional development, we understand that the school principals are close to the neoclassical approach.

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   Vol. 07, Issue 02, February 2017



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