Maxillary sinus lift and use of l-prf with a delayed instalation of implants - case report

International Journal of Development Research

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Maxillary sinus lift and use of l-prf with a delayed instalation of implants - case report

Ana Larisse Carneiro Pereira, Jefferson David Melo de Matos, Natã Cavalcante-Pereira, Jéferson Martins Pereira Lucena Franco, Bruna Caroline Gonçalves de Vasconcelos, Victor Archeti Vardiero, Tiago Norões Gomes and John Eversong Lucena de Vasconcelos


Introduction: The technique of sinus lift is intended to rehabilitate edentulous areas in posterior regions of the maxilla, in situations of bony resorptions, other than being a predictable surgical procedure that allows the installation of dental implants. Aim: To demonstrate through a delayed implant installation, the technique of sinus lift associated with a graft of leukocyte and platelet rich fibrin in the posterior region of the maxilla, through a case report. Case Report: Patient A.A.M., male, 45 years old, attended to the Centro Caririense de Pós-Graduação (Cecap), complaining that “the roof of the mouth was too deep, feeling ugly because he did not have teeth in his mouth and wanted the installation of implants”. At the clinical examination, it was noted a severe loss of bony structures and the presence of the dental elements 17 and 28. The planning for the surgical procedure encompassed a maxillary sinus lift, preceded by blood collection (L-PRF) and delayed implant installation. Conclusion: The posterior region of the maxilla is the area of choice for the performance of maxillary sinus lift procedure, when the installation of implants in a single sessionis necessary, associated with the use of a graft above the implant region, which in some situations is essential.

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