Musicians and personality

International Journal of Development Research

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Musicians and personality

Joshua .D. Pagare


Different musicians have different personalities. Therefore we cannot say that every musician will have similar traits in his personality. Through this paper we are aiming to find out the differences of personality of musicians in different genres of music. An individual's way of thinking, discussing and acting in different situations will be termed as personality. There is a lot of consistency in features of personality in the way people behave. Personality affects our decision making power problem solving capability to handle conflicts. Classical music enthusiast other people who play Indian classical music with different Raga's and taal's. On the other hand Western music enthusiasts are those people who are more into playing Gospel music. The sample for this paper is 30 young adults who are music enthusiasts. 4 PF scale by Dr.(smt) A. Pandey and Dr. Hari Singh Gour was used to find out the difference between the personality of these enthusiasts.

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