Myth haunted tree as identity markers hindus in bali

International Journal of Development Research

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Myth haunted tree as identity markers hindus in bali

I Ketut Gede Harsana


Tree haunted on the island of Bali is a myth, in which the myth is a story haunted, magical story and even more to do with things that are supernatural. Behind the austere words, there are different phenomena, namely, haunted tree is not only meaningful magical or sinister. But haunted tree also means a fortress for Hindus in Bali in order to preserve the natural environment. Global ideology was destructive to the culture of Bali. Local wisdom of Bali began eroded by the global ideology. Land use in Bali is a global challenge for Hindus in Bali. The focus of the Balinese no longer promote humanist values, but they are more concerned with profit and loss. Haunted tree preservation is a milestone for the sustainability point of Balinese culture and become a bulwark for the preservation of the natural environment and the island of Bali.

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