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Ms. Gaikwad U.S., Mr. Malpani V.M., Ms. Mandve K.P., Ms. Lohar P.D. and Ms. Mane P.N.


Nanoparticles arevery minute in size i.e. 1-100 nm in size. Nanoparticle is a small object that behaves as a whole unit with respect to its transport and properties. These nanoparticles are associated with modern medical sciences of drugs and nanotechnology. In ancient times nanoparticle ar created by adding copper, silver salts,and oxides together with vinegar, ochre and clay on the surface of previously glazed pottry. Nanoparticles are prepared by several methods like attrition, pyrolisis and hydrothermal synthesis. Nanoparticles are having present possible dangers both medically and environmentally. Nanoparticles have several applications like in laser treatment like i.e. in cancer therapy, in medicinal application like vehicles for administration of nutrients and pharmaceutical drugs i.e. liposomes are used for this purpose, applications in preparation of nanomedicines, application in targeted or novel drug delivery system. The purpose of study of nanoparticles is to know its importasnce in modern and scientific system of medicines and in pharmaceutical industry. I hope this study will helpful in many researches and to knowing various applications of it.

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