Nurses’ knowledge about ability necessary for the care of person with intestinal stoma

International Journal of Development Research

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Nurses’ knowledge about ability necessary for the care of person with intestinal stoma

Maria Rosani Cavalcante Alves, Rosilene Reis Rocha, Regina do Socorro Lima da Silva, Maicon de Araujo Nogueira, Thalyta Mariany Rego Lopes, Carmem Lucia Pacheco de Sena, Danielle Oliveira Maciel and Antonia Margareth Moita Sá


Objective: To verify the nurses' knowledge about the ability necessary for the care of the person with intestinal stomies. Methods: It is a descriptive, exploratory research with a qualitative approach, developed with seven nurses, in a period from April to May 2017 until saturation of the sample. The semi-structured interview was used as data collection technique, for the treatment of data, content analysis, according to the methodological referential proposed by Bardin. Results: It was verified that the participants of the study are well informed on the subject, guiding their rhetoric in scientific knowledge. It became evident that they perceive the importance of the theme, its complexity involving several actors; professionals, family members and patients. Conclusion: There is a sufficiency of knowledge regarding the knowledge and resources necessary for care with the person with intestinal stoma. However, there are necessary to greater investments in refresher courses and post-graduation courses in the field and continuity of follow-up of the nurses' knowledge. Based on the findings, we recommend the execution of similar surveys in other institutions, both without national and non-international scenarios.

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