Nursing diagnoses in the elderly of a northeastern region

International Journal of Development Research

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Nursing diagnoses in the elderly of a northeastern region

Paula Cristina Araújo Morais, Tibelle Freitas Mauricio, Rafaella Pessoa Moreira, Paula Alves de Lima, Jerry Deyvid Freires Ferreira and Edmara Chaves Costa


Objective: To identify nursing diagnoses in elderly participants in activities carried out in the Social Assistance Referral Centers of the municipalities of Aracoiaba, Aratuba, Itapiúna, Mulungu and Pacoti, located in the Baturité-Ceará Massif. Method: A cross-sectional study was carried out between January and July 2014 with 134 elderly people. The following criteria for inclusion of the elderly in the study were considered: age of 60 years or older, physical and mental ability to respond to the form used for data collection, acceptance to perform a physical examination. Results: The nursing diagnoses identified in at least 30% of the sample were: Disposition for improved spiritual well-being (99.3%), Poor knowledge (83.6%), Risk of falls (45.5%), Fatigue (41.8%), Unbalanced nutrition: more than body needs (37.3%), Sedentary lifestyle (34.3%), Chronic pain (34.3%), and Impaired urinary elimination (32.8%). Conclusion: Nurses should be attentive to the health demands of the elderly population in order to intervene in their real needs, promoting a higher quality of life.

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