Nursing intervention with hospitalized children mediated by therapeutic toys

International Journal of Development Research

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Nursing intervention with hospitalized children mediated by therapeutic toys

Floriacy Stabnow Santos, Ytallo Juan Alves Silva Pereira, Márcia Caroline Nascimento Sá, Ana Cristina Pereira de Jesus Costa, Iolanda Graepp Fontoura, Maria Aparecida Alves de Oliveira Serra, Marcelino Santos Neto, Adriana Gomes Nogueira Ferreira, Antonia Audreia da Silva Noleto and Francisco Dimitre Rodrigo Pereira Santos


To know the opinion of the nursing team professionals about the importance of therapeutic toys as a strategy of humanization in the nursing intervention with hospitalized children. Action research with mixed approach developed in a pediatric public hospital in Imperatriz, Maranhão, Brazil, in July 2016 with the nursing team. All professionals like working with kids and find the use of therapeutic toys important to nursing care. They believe toys represent a tool that humanizes care, because they facilitate the service, help improving communication, lessen trauma/fear and promote security. Some problems were identified: these included the lack of material, insufficient staff size, high demand of patients, there is little time available and inadequate environment. The use of Therapeutic Toys by the Nursing team transforms their professional practice; nurses believe in the use of the technique as allied to their plans of care and as a tool to humanize it.

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