Occupational segregation by caste in present India

International Journal of Development Research

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Review Article

Occupational segregation by caste in present India

Dr. D. C. Dudi and Malvika Poonia


The caste based discrimination does not only affect the spheres of education, work and employment but also the wide Horizons of life, which can be detrimental for the country's future. This paper concentrates on the detailed analysis of occupational segregation or should we say the discrimination and lower footing of the scheduled castes in employment. The paper in its analysis focuses not only on the SCs but also the Other Backward castes, because both of these groups have been subjected to centuries’ long discrimination. Therefore it is imperative that the paper dwells on lowers caste discrimination in a holistic manner. There is ample use of graphical, literary and explanatory techniques, the paper provides a widely spanning depiction of the situation, right from the 1992-93 to the 2014. Various aspects have been portrayed of caste based segregation in the sphere of employment in the modern India, there are significant numbers of posts which have been allocated for these communities, which are yet to be filled, which raises questions on the effective implementation of numerous recommendations over the years. Apart from this the paper also dwells upon the issue of the ‘new’ segregation present in urban India. Still, upper castes continue to disproportionately occupy the more prestigious Class I services, while SCs/STs/OBCs have been downgraded to jobs lower in the hierarchy.

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