Oral mucocele: A Case Report

International Journal of Development Research

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Case Report

Oral mucocele: A Case Report

Dr. Hrishikesh Karpe, Dr. Swapnil Patil, Dr. Rutuj Jadhav, Dr. Sneha Sadhawani, Dr. Heta Rajawadha and Dr. Divya Agarwal


Mucocele is a common lesion of the oral mucosa that results from an alteration of minor salivary glands due to a mucous accumulation causing limited swelling. Two histological types exist - extravasation and retention. Clinically they consist of a soft, bluish and transparent cystic swelling. This report presents aneight year old female patient having mucocele on lower lip. Treatment performed was surgical removal as she suffered difficulty in mastication & speech. For this reason it was decided to deliberate the clinical characteristics of mucocele, and their treatment to aid for decision-making in daily clinical practice.

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