September 2011

  1. Manoharan, V and Karuppasamy, R.
    The present study is aimed to analyse the physico-chemical parameters in two stations of Pichavaram mangroves. In the present study the physico-chemical parameters such as temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen and total dissolved solids were analysed during 2009. The station was selected for the present study (Station-1: Agricultural land...
  2. Sharmila, V. and Kulasekara Perumal Pillai, S.
    In the Present investigation, an attempt has been made to study the Predictive Correlates of the Knowledge of Natural Hazards and Knowledge of Eco-System of College Students in Madurai District, Tamil Nadu, India. It is found that 92.5% have average level of the knowledge of Natural Hazards and 79.5% of them have average level of the knowledge of...
  3. Narasimmapallavan, V. and Raja, M.C.
    India is a subcontinent, noted for numerous festivals in all parts of the country, celebrated every now and then. This study provides evidential information that human relation and religious harmony are maintained, as the people of different castes and communities, religions and languages join hands in the celebration of Chithirai festival,...
  4. K. Ratheeswari and G. Visvanathan
    The instructional role perception of working college of education is high. The rank order preference of the different value pattern shows that the teachers working in college of education have given first preference for political value followed by religious, social, aesthetic, economic and theoretical value respectively.
  5. A. Magalingam and Dr. G. Visvanathan
    This study set to investigate the secular attitude and attitude towards discipline among the professional college students. This was with a view to ascertain the extent to which variable like gender, location of the residence and religion may influence the secular attitude and attitude towards discipline of the professional college students. A 972...



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