April 2012

  1. Abbiramy, K. S. Ronald Ross, P., Thenmozhi, P., Muthulingam, M., Paramananandham, J. and Manoharan, V.
    The standard soil invertebrate toxicity tests developed by OECD (Organization of Economical Cooperation and Development) and ISO (International Organization of Standardization) use an artificial soil as the test substrate, which contains sphagnum peat as a component. This type of peat is not widely available in tropical country like India....
  2. Dr. B. Kannan, Dr. A. Muthumanickam and Dr. S. Chandras
    Now-a-days computers are put to various applications in Science, Commerce, Technology, etc. Relatively, computers in teaching are in its infancy. However, the computer is bringing some exciting innovations to education. Computers are being increasingly used in teaching and learning at all levels. Many more recent publications in the field of...



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