July 2013

  1. Vaidehi, J., Ronald Ross, P., Yogalakshmi, K., Ramakotti, P. and Paramanandham, J.
    In recent times the enormous usage of pesticides has led to a huge deterioration of soil and consequently the aquatic ecosystem and its inhabitants. Fishes are commonly the target animals due to pesticide contamination in water bodies at large. It is being understood that the fishes create a stress response towards the entry of toxic chemicals...
  2. Sujatha, S. P. Pugazhendy, K., Jayachandran, K., Prabakaran, S. and Jayanthi, C.
    The effect of sublethal exposure of cadmium (51.82 mg/kg) for 96 hours on various antioxidant enzymes was carried out in the freshwater fish Labeo rohita. The activity of antioxidant enzymes, such as glutathione peroxidase (GPx) were decreased was increased. This observation clearly indicates the defensive nature and the adaptive mechanism of...
  3. Shailesh Kumar, K. N. and Hemalatha, S.
    The use of traditional medicines holds a great promise as an easily available source as effective medicinal agents to cure a wide range of ailments among the people particularly in tropical developing countries like India. The present study investigates the phytochemical analysis of the major bioactive constituents of A. marmelos leaf extracts....
  4. Chukwu, A.O.
    Women Extension Agents in technology Transfer in Imo State, Nigeria was the major issue. The study specifically ascertained women extension agents (WEAs) effectiveness in the transfer of technology and investigate the influence of socio-economic characteristics of the WEAs in relation to their effectiveness in technology transfer. Simple random...
  5. Abiogu, G.C. Anyanwu, J. I., Oyeoku, E. K. and Ezegbe, N.
    Female reproductive right violation in Igbo land has been a problema criticum over the decades, and has persisted irrespective of the efforts to bring it to a minimum proportion. To this end, this paper examines philosophically the forms of violence against women with its counseling effect. The purpose is to highlight the fundamental and essential...
  6. Gireesh Babu, K. and Naik, G. R.
    GABA occupies a significant component of cytosolic free amino acid pool. GABA-Transaminase (GABA-T, EC, the second enzyme of GABA shunt, converts GABA to Succinic semialdehyde (SSA). GABA pyruvate- (GPT) and 2-oxoglutarate- (GOT) dependent gamma-aminobutyrate transaminase (GABA-T) activities were noted in crude leaf extract of sugarcane...
  7. Pratibha J. Mishra
    After almost a decade of working in silence, counseling is getting its due recognition in intervention with the persons living and affected with HIV/AIDS. There is an expressed need to have counseling services that gives them accurate information and ongoing psychological support. Hence the focus has to be on community and home based...
  8. Gireesh Babu, K. and Naik, G. R.
    The GAD extracted from salt stress sensitive sugarcane variety CoC 671 showed increased activity with increased concentrations of NaCl treatment. The natural GAD activity was found 141% more in salt tolerant variety Co 86032, compared to sensitive variety. The GOT activities displayed specific induction at higher salt concentrations in CoC 671...



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