August 2013

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  1. Anand, M. B. and Dr. Sreenivas, D. L.
    As new developments continue to expand the traditional boundaries of banking, the interface between banks and customers, have also changed drastically from being operations-centric to servicing clients. The shift during this period has been from branch to Branchless such as ATM, Internet and mobile. Consumers and businesses are looking to their...
  2. Kishore Kumar, G., Rajesh Kumar, G., Mrudula Spurthi, K., Kaushik, P., Sahu, S. K., Sudha Lakshmi, T. and Surekha Rani, H.
    Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) are currently the leading cause of death globally for both men and women accounting for 21.9 per cent of total deaths and is projected to increase to 26.3 per cent by 2030. Statins are the treatment of choice for the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease and in the management of...
  3. Abhimanyu Singh, Jamshed Zaidi, Hemant S. Verma, Priyanka Chaudhary, Priyanka Yadav, Shishir, K. Singh, Indu and S. Imtiyaz Ali
    Water is the precious gift of nature to human beings. The drinking groundwater of the Sipri area in Jhansi city is going to be polluted day-by-day with increasing urbanization and small industries development. Although three-fourth part of earth is being surrounded by surface water but a little portion of it can be used for drinking purpose....
  4. Mushtaq Ahmad Shah
    A planar graph is one that can be drawn on a two-dimensional plane such that no two edges cross. A cubic graph is one in which all vertices have degree three. A three connected graph is one that cannot be disconnected by removal of two vertices. A graph is bipartite whose vertices can be colored using exactly two colors such that no two adjacent...
  5. Shashikala, M., Nagapadma, M., Lolita Pinto and Sarath Narayanan Nambiar
    The use of cheap and eco-friendly adsorbents studied as an alternative substitution of activated carbon for removal of dyes from waste water. Chitosan was utilized as adsorbent to remove methylene blue (MB) by adsorption. Batch experiments were conducted to study the effect of pH, initial dye concentration, various adsorbent dosage and these were...
  6. Sreenivasa Nayaka and Vidyasagar, G. M.
    The keratin occurs naturally in the form of feathers, hair, nails and wool all over the world. As the physiological and chemical methods of keratin degradation are not easy possible, the biological method has gained importance. It can be biodegraded by some Keratinolytic Streptomyces sp. The present study investigated purified keratinase from...
  7. Dr. Wakar Amin, Dr. Shazia Manzoor and Mudasir Naqshbandi, M.
    The state of Jammu and Kashmir is India’s northernmost state. According to the census of 2011, the state has a population of 1.25 crores with 66, 65,561 males and 58, 83,365 females. The state has three geographical cum administrative regions namely, Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. The three regions of the state differ widely with regard to physical,...
  8. Sandeep Kumar, Poonam Yadav, Purnima Kumari, Sandeep Tripathi and Arvind Arya
    In the present study, the effect of nitrogen was investigated on the micro propagation of Stevia rebaudiana to overcome the challenges related to its cultivation. The in vitro shoots were cultured on MS medium fortified with BAP (5.0 mg/l) along with 2,4-D (0.1 mg/l). Four weeks old multiple shoots were transferred on modified MS medium containing...
  9. Sowmya, S. and Lakshmidevi, N.
    Urinary tract infection is one of the most commonly occurring infections among the patients with diabetes mellitus. The present study was focused on the antibiotic susceptibility of the UTI pathogens isolated from the diabetic patients. About 936 UTI organisms were isolated from 900 culture positive urine samples collected from the diabetic...
  10. Shiva Prasad, G., Subba Rao, L. V., Sujatha, M. and Chaitanya, U.
    Rice yields are low during rabi season when compared to kharif due to cold effect at seedling stage. In the present study, 4 lines and 4 testers were crossed with 4 testers in L X T mating design. The resultant 16 F1s were used to determine the heterosis. IR-64, Ujala Depama and MALIDA are identified as good general combiners. IR64 X Ujala...
  11. Dr. Sindhu H. MDS and Dr. Aravind S. Raju
    During orthodontic treatment various precautions that have to be kept in mind while planning a treatment approach for endodontically treated teeth during orthodontic tooth movement. There are various questions to be answered such as what happens to dental pulp , is there any apical root resorption of endodontically treated. Hence this article will...
  12. Mohanambal, R. and Puvaneswari, S.
    A study was conducted to evaluate the level of heavy metal lead (Pb) in various tissues of adult Catla catla when exposed to a sub-lethal concentration of 6.52 mgL-1 (1/25th of 96 hrs LC50 value) for a period of 120 days of exposure. The bioaccumulation of lead in the tissues studied was increased with duration of exposure periods. The pattern of...



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