November 2013

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  1. Uma, T., Saravanan, N. and Inbaraj, R. M.
    Brain is a steroidogenic organ which produces steroids. Our study has been focused to analyze the gene expression in the brain of an Indian Major Carp (IMC), Labeo rohita. This is the first attempt to report the gene expression of CYP17 which codes for the steroidogenic enzyme P450c17 in L. rohita. The brain samples were collected and Total RNA...
  2. Godwin Chigozie Okpara and Joseph Chukwudi Odionye
    This study examined the relationship between budget deficit and macroeconomic variables in Nigeria for the quarterly period of 1970 -2011. The study employed the augmented Granger causality test approach developed by Toda and Yamamoto (1995). The result showed a strong unidirectional causality from budget deficit to macroeconomic variables in...
  3. Kangkuso Analuddin, Nasarudin, Wa Masa, Wa Ode Sarlyiana, Saban Rahim
    Gastropod is one of among the most important taxa of marine benthic that plays ecological role for the ecosystem stability in the coastal area. This study was aimed to elucidate the spatial trends in the community structure of gastropod that assemblages the coastal area of Tomia Island, Wakatobi Marine National Park, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia...
  4. Supradeeptha Challa and Satyaprasad, J.
    Even though dual energy X-ray absorptiometry is the gold standard for measuring the osteoporosis, many institutes in India doesn't have the facility. Singh index for osteoporosis in plain radiographs have low reliability. So in this retrospective study, we used digital radiographs to analyze the relationship between the Singh index with age,...
  5. Dr. Vijayakumar, A. and Ms. Jayachitra, S.
    Technology has, for better or worse, undeniably brought about a change, hitherto unimagined, in our life styles. The transformation brought about by technology in the area of delivery of financial services has, thankfully, only been for the better. Internet Banking complemented by core banking solutions implemented by banks, mobile banking, card...
  6. Prabha Sherlina, F., Gayathri, V. and Radha, S. R.
    Black gram (Vigna mungo L.) is an important pulse crop occupying unique position in Indian agriculture. The study of phytochemicals, secondary metabolic substances in plants are known to provide protection against insect attacks and plant diseases. The current investigation is an attempt to study the preliminary phytochemicals that are present in...
  7. Suleiman Usman
    The need for background information outlining the basic characteristics of surface soil types in the savannah areas is essential for environmental soil management. Visual assessment and classification of surface soil condition is a key to environmental soil management and development. In this study, Visual Soil Assessment (VSA) was used to assess...
  8. Acharya, S. K. and Sneha Bera
    The creation, growth and decay of any social system, retaining myriads of life forms, have basically been the concerns and exposition of energy. Social Metabolism envisages a natural connectivity amongst physical, biological and social systems and their underlying cybernetics. It is the flow of energy that drives the social systems generating...
  9. Raj Kumar, P., Pulla Rao, D. and Jayanand Kumar, P.
    The present paper aims to investigate the socio-economic status of scheduled tribes in Vizianagaram District of Andhra Pradesh state. Multi-stage random sampling technique was employed for the study, primary data was used with the help of pre-structured questionnaire for 89 sample respondents during the year 2009, further the results were...
  10. Naga Sivaiah, K., Swain, S. K., Raju, B. and Sandeep Varma, V.
    A field experiment was conducted during rabi-2010 to find out the response of foliar application of micronutrients on vegetative and reproductive growth attributes, in two varieties of tomato viz- Utkal Kumari and Utkal Raja. The treatments consisted of boron, zinc, molybdenum, copper, iron, manganese, mixture of all and control and the experiment...
  11. Cyril Asuquo Etim
    Normative laws govern the conduct of persons in society and both customary and enacted laws are members of this set of laws. And the question as to whether customary law may be regarded as law properly so-called appears to have been posed as a skeptics question, which thus does not seem to require a yes or no answer. What we need here is to...
  12. Oyeoku, E. K., Anyanwu, J. I., Ezegbe, B. N. and Abiogu G. C.
    This study was designed to investigate perceptions of secondary school social studies teachers about widowhood practices in Ohafia education zone in Abia State. Four research questions and two null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. The population of the study was 520 Social...
  13. Dr. Ilanthirayan, A. and Siva kumar, V.
    Change in agricultural land use, including movement into and out of agricultural production, is called change on the extensive margin of production. That is changes at the point or margin at which a different land use become more profitable. Such changes reflect choice about what lands are formed. The term margin should not be confused with...
  14. Senthilkumar, K., Vasudevan, K., Sabesan, M., Arulkumar, S. and Arundoss, T.
    The study of status and conservation of Grizzled Giant Squirrel in the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary was studied. Line transect method was used to assess the population and focal animal sampling was used to collect data on feeding habits of Grizzled Giant Squirrel. One hundred and seven animals were sighted during the study period, mainly along the...



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