December 2013

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  1. He, Jiang and Shi, Jianzhao
    Nitrate contamination is one aspect of the safety issue about vegetables. A fast determination method of nitrite was used to access the nitrite contamination level of vegetables sampled form two selected cities in China (Changde and Yangling). The result indicated that the nitrate contamination level of vegetables from Yangling is higher than...
  2. Arpita Banerjee
    In India the condition of women was appalling during independence. The deprivation of women in getting the similar level of opportunities relating to education, health, decision making as men due to prevalence of patriarchal society and socioeconomic backwardness in India put women at a backstage. After independence Indian planners and policy...
  3. Dr. V. K. Jain
    HRD aims at assessing employee competency requirements to perform the jobs assigned to them effectively. Liberalization and globalization has brought in new challenges for the development of human resources. HRD has now been looked upon as need of the hour. The emphasis has now shifted towards developing employee competencies and helping them to...
  4. Atiyeh Sadat Janany and Alireza Hasani
    People pay money under a contract of insurance is that the premiums, the insurance issue has concluded that the risk falls as the ways of the insurance company handle claims. Insurance is included: life insurance, body insurance, fire insurance, burglary insurance, etc. "Insurance In its simplest definition, is a way to transfer risk. The...
  5. Idiberto José Zotarelli Filho, Ana Carolina de Abreu, Oswaldo Tadeu Greco, Aldemir Bilaqui, Elias Naim Kassis, José Dalmo de Araújo, José Luiz B. Jacob, Clélia Margarete T. Borralho, Roberto Vito Ardito and Milton Arthur Ruiz
    Worldwide are held about 16,000 transplants of stem cells autologous and 29,000 allogeneic. In Brazil, the stem cell transplant autologous bone marrow transplantation increases about 1,000 per year. Cell therapy or transplantation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSC) is a regenerative medicine that aims to restore and regenerate the functions of...
  6. Chandrasekar, K., Srinivasan, M., Balakrishnan, S. and Nikhil Whitaker
    The Present study was carried out on Crocodylus porosus from Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, Tamil Nadu during June 2007 to May 2008. The growth rates were higher in monsoon season and lesser in post monsoon season. Of 15 captive juvenile from 3 clutches marked and were recaptured for growth analysis. The survived seven animals were taken for growth...
  7. Sayed Hussein Sadat Husseini and Muhammad Norouzian
    Contract means a legal status and obligations are Although the sovereign will of the parties to the contract are applicable only to those who have the will to commit But it is not always the most contractual obligations of the parties to the contract beyond what is One of the very important issues that are not usually mentioned in the contract and...
  8. Nneka, P. Oli, Emmanuel U. M. Igbo and Uzoma O. Okoye
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the perception of the act that most constitutes violence against women among adult residents of Onitsha using a sample of 1,165 respondents that are 18 years and above. Data was collected using questionnaire and focus group discussion. Results indicate that 42.2% of the respondents regarded beating as the...
  9. Rashad Mohmmed Moqbel Al Areqi
    Diaspora and counter discourse become a mark of Palestinian Diasporas to express their sufferings and sacrifices for their country. This paper examines how Palestinian writers reveal diasporas and counter discourse in their literary works. Diaspora has detached them from their families and friends, from their people and place. Mourid Barghouthi's...
  10. Khalid Mansour
    Discriminating indicator species in mountainous rangelands is critical for better understanding the condition of the rangeland and their levels of degradation. The objective of this study was to compare whether canopy reflectance spectra, resampled to WorldView-2 and HyMap resolution could discriminate four increaser species representing different...
  11. Alark, R., Anoop, K. V., Meenakshi, D. S., Supriya Rani, G., Sashikala, M., Vasundhara, K. R., Manish S. Khodwe and Soundarajan Krishnan
    Toxic heavy metals are being discharged significantly into the aquatic ecosystems as a result of various industrial operations, causing serious concern, especially in the developing countries over the last few decades. Heavy metals are not biodegradable and hence, accumulate in the living beings, causing diseases and health disorders. It is...
  12. Amutha, K. and Sivakumar, G.
    Vitrified bioceramic tiles were subjected by the incorporation of synthesized biosilica from bioresidue of Rice straw ash. The partially and fully substitution of biosilica for quartz in porcelain formulation enhances the physico-mechanical parameters. The ultrasonic pulse velocity was correlated with the compressive strength. The result which...



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