Patterns of preterm neonatal death and associated factors in ayder referral hospital neonatal unit from 2010- 2014 (five years record review), Tigray Region, North Ethiopia

Haftay Gebremedhin, Berhane Gebregziabher, Tadele Hailu and Gebremedhin Gebreegziabiher

Background: Worldwide prematurity and its complications are the leading cause of death among newborns accounting for 1million deaths per year. In Ethiopia among the three main direct causes of neonatal death, prematurity and its complications account 37 %. Therefore, this study aimed to assess patterns of preterm neonatal death and associated factors in Ayder referral hospital, North Ethiopia.
Methods: Institutional based retrospective cross sectional study was conducted among preterm neonates in Mekelle University, Ayder referral hospital, Neonatal intensive care unit between 2010 and 2014. A total of 475 preterm neonates were included in this study using a non probability purposive sampling technique. Descriptive, binary and multiple logistic regression analyses were performed using SPSS version 16 and a variable having p<0.05 was considered as statistically significant variable in all tests. Finally the result was presented using texts, figures and tables.
Results: A total of 410 preterm neonates were included in this study and making a response rate of 86%. Of these, 225 were male. The proportion of preterm neonatal death is 15%. Hyaline membrane disease [AOR=12.5, 95%CI (5.5-28.8)], starting KMC [AOR=0.024, 95% CI (0.005-0.1)] , NEC [AOR=5.7, 95% CI (1.02-32)] and Apnea [AOR= 10.7, 95% CI (3.7-30.9)] were the factors that predict for preterm neonatal death.
Conclusions: There is a significant proportion of preterm infants’ death. Extreme prematurity, HMD, NEC and apnea were the factors that predict preterm infants’ death. So, further revising strategies on risk reduction of preterm neonates’ death should be considered.

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