Perception of sexuality in young teen top middle level

Sánchez Soto Juan Manuel, Quintero de la Cruz, Miriam, Martínez Reyes Magally, Celis Guzmán Mónica and 1Soberanes Martín Anabelem

This paper determines the perception of senior high youth about sexuality, for which an instrument containing a demographic profile and socio sexual behavior through items in a liker scale was applied. The instrument was made by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, The Regional Multidisciplinary Research Center and The State Council of City of San Luis, there is a problem in the sexual behavior of adolescents because starting at an early age, regardless aware of the consequences they may have, and only the practice because it "gave" and these are not planned or various social and family factors influencing factors. For this reason it is important to develop effective strategies, which can inform them where young, people the importance of awareness of initiating a sexual life, also with this power train professionals eliminate taboos and sexual health in adolescents.

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