Periodontal disease in hiv patients

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Periodontal disease in hiv patients

Letícia S. Estefaneli, Kayanny R. Marques, Leandro MoreiraTempest, Idiberto JoséZotarelli Filho and Patrícia Garani Fernandes


This paper aims to report the case of periodontitis in a HIV-positive and smoker patient. A case attended at the UNORP dentistry college in the clinic of the periodontia discipline between August and September of 2016 that became a research. Procedures were performed to reduce the inflammation caused by periodontal disease in order to lower the patient's CD4, ie decrease viral load. Due to the patient's lack of cooperation, the expected results were not achieved because she smoked and did not stop during the treatment. There was no improvement in the patient's CD4 level, but periodontal disease was controlled. The patient is in periodontal maintenance phase.

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