Pharmasutical study of guggulu (commiphora mukul linn.) w.s.r. to its various shodhana procedures”

International Journal of Development Research

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Pharmasutical study of guggulu (commiphora mukul linn.) w.s.r. to its various shodhana procedures”

Dr. Bandeppa Sangolgi, Dr. Ganapathi Rao and Dr. Baswaraj


Guggulu is the oleoresin of Commiphora Mukul Linn., a plant that is native to India. Its extracts include compounds known for their hypolipidemic properties—the Z- and E- isomers of guggulsterone and its related guggulsterols.Kalpana is the process through which a substance can be transformed in to the form of medicine according to the need. During preparations of various formulations there are various Samskaras which are to be done for potentiating the drug or the formulation. Among all these pharmaceutical processes Shodhana is one of them. In our text, for a single drug many process of Shodhana in different ways have been mentioned. There are different medias explained in literature for Shodhana of Guggulu. According to the media of purification the quality and pharmacological properties of Guggulu will vary. Depending on the change in properties the therapeutic effect may also vary. Various clinical studies have been carried out, but there is a need to ascertain the changes likely, with difference in the media of Shodhana. The present study includes Shodana of Guggulu as per Classical reference of Rasendrasarasangraha where Shodana of Guggulu is done by Guduchi Kwatha, Triphala Kwatha and Godugdha. Standard Operative Procedure of the process is done in the pharmaceutical study. The analytical study reveals the standards which can be given for Ashuddha Guggulu and Shuddha Guggulu of various Samples. The differences in the parameters reveal that there are some changes which gives us the idea regarding role of a particular media in purification of a substance, where it adds some properties of the media used.

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