Phase diagram of the binary mixtures of 7ocb+8cb

International Journal of Development Research

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Phase diagram of the binary mixtures of 7ocb+8cb

Purna Chandra Barman


In this paper, a study of phase diagram of a binary mixture of two compounds of liquid crystal has been produced by high resolution temperature scanning technique. Heptyloxy cyanobiphenyl (7OCB) and octyl cyanobiphenyl (8CB) has been chosen to produce binary mixtures. The former compound exhibits only nematic phase so that it is treated as nematogenic and the latter is smectogenic which exhibits both nematic and smectic phases. Binary mixtures of these compounds in a certain concentration range (0.1 < x7OCB < 0.90 except 0.8) has been reported here. The compounds were mixed at different weight ratios of 10% increment of 7OCB. The phase diagram showed the three different phases for the temperatures of the entire concentration range. The nematic range (TNA-TNI) of the binary mixtures increases with increases of the concentration of 7OCB.

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