Pre multi-criteria decision making for risk management plan using dea-topsis: Case study of USA

Amit Yadav, Maira Anis and Mohsin Ali

An exploit applies to incorporates assessment of risk, risk recognition, developed various strategies to manage risk and extenuate it by using executive techniques. Environmental vulnerability due to hazardous waste from industrial facilities is one of the major anxieties for the developed country like USA. Where federal law entails industrial facilities to file a Risk Management Plan (RMP) with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in USA to protect lives, property and prevent pollution. Dealing with RMP is not an easy task by dministration because all parties have their own interpretations which is difficult to put it together at a once. Researchers always come up with new proposal even it is hard to adopt and that can be benefited to all parties. MCDM is one of the best methods when it has to solve decision making problems. In this paper adopts DEA-TOPSIS (data envelopment analysis-technique for order performance by similarity to ideal solution) hybrid approach proposed by CDM for findings of accident incident cause by industrial effluent. It will be easier for the Risk Management Planner to make decision by using linguistic terms. Analysis result will help EPA to make Risk Management Plan by comparing all regions of USA with the best managed region.

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