Psycho-educational approaches in person with autism spectrum disorder

Vibha Thapa and Gopal Jee, S.

The umbrella term ‘autism spectrum disorders’ (ASDs) covers the condition such as autism, childhood disintegrative disorder and Asperger syndrome. Developmental disorders, including ASDs, are disorders of early brain development, and although the cause of ASDs remains unknown, some specific prenatal, perinatal and environmental risk factors, such as high maternal and paternal age and specific gene mutations, have been identified. It is unclear what role these risk factors may play in the reported increase in prevalence. It is a long-life disorder that affects not only the autistic child but also the family caregivers. There is increasing recognition about the importance of taking into account both child and family needs when treating autism. However it has been a major debate about what intervention is the most appropriate. In this paper we will review the current literature on the different interventions that have been used in the treatment of autism with special attention to those that are empirically based. We intend to present an overview of both positive aspects and limitations of each type of intervention. The conclusion is that there is no single approach that is totally effective for all children the whole time.

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