Quality of condom use: concept paper

International Journal of Development Research

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Quality of condom use: concept paper

Tecla Masvikeni, Bongani Tshuma, Mathilda Zvinavashe, Maxwell Mhlanga and Gladys Mugadza


Quality of Condom Use is used in health care with ambiguity and subjectivity. Measuring quality is often a factor of an individual’s knowledge and awareness. Quality is brought about by strict and consistent commitment to certain standards that achieve uniformity of a product in order to satisfy specific user requirements (businessdictionary.com). People have different views about Quality of Condom Use. Objective: The aim of this concept paper is to clarify the characteristics of Quality of Condom Use in sexual reproductive health. This will assist in implementation of quality sexual reproductive health and eventually improve client satisfaction and outcomes. Methods: Walker and Avant’s strategic method was used to analyse the concept of Quality of Condom Use. A systematic review of a total of 30 articles, between the years 2007 to 2017, was done. Ten articles were later dropped due to irrelevant information, and five articles had some attributes missing. Fifteen articles were finally reviewed to clarify the concept of Quality of Condom Use. Results: The main antecedents identified from literature includeage, knowledge on condom use, attitude towards condom use, validity of the condom, cost or affordability of the condom, ease of use of the condom, accessibility of the condom, erect penis, good interpersonal relationship, and self-control. The attributes of Quality of Condom Use identified in literature include type of material of the condom, steps of condom application, standard removal of the condom, and proper disposal of the condom. The resultant consequences of Quality of Condom Usewere reduced anxiety and improving desire for sex, reduce victim blame, increase protection and pleasure, increase sensation of both partners, delay ejaculation and prolong sex. The empirical referents identified five condom use behaviours including using a condom each time there is sexual intercourse, always putting the condom on before the first vaginal entry, always withdrawing while there is still an erection, always holding on to the condom’s rim during withdrawal, and always using spermicide. Conclusion: The definition of Quality of Condom Use in this concept paper will facilitate proper interpretation of the meaning of Quality of Condom Use and standardisation of tools used to measure Quality of Condom Use.

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