Quality of life and chronic renal failure

International Journal of Development Research

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Quality of life and chronic renal failure

Ramya, S., Dr. Aruna, S. and Dr. Mangala Gowri, P.


Aim of the study: To assess the quality of life among patients with chronic renal failure undergoing Hemodialysis and the post- renal transplant patients. Background: The quality of life is the standard of health, comfort and happiness experienced by the group or an individual. This experience of the individual is affected when they fall sick. In case of the patients with chronic disease it is completely diminished. CKD burden is rising rapidly worldwide. India has the rising incidence of chronic kidney disease that will impose a major problem for both healthcare and economy of the country. The approximate prevalence of CKD in India is 800 per million people and the incidence is 150-200 per million people. Chronic kidney disease is being treated with the various renal replacement therapies and renal transplantation. The renal replacement therapies have increased the length of the stay of the patients with chronic kidney disease and the kidney transplantation has made the person to carry on with his normal living. It queries that do the patients lead a good quality of life with these treatment modalities. Design: Descriptive research design. Methods: Simple random sampling using lottery method was adopted for the study. A total of 50 patients participated in the study. The quality of life index dialysis version and quality of life index transplant version is used to assess the quality of life. Result: 16% of post- transplant patients had good QOL whereas in dialysis patient none of them as good quality of life. 48% of hemodialysis patient and 76% of post renal transplant patients had average QOL. 52% of hemodialysis patient and 8% of post renal transplant patients had poor QOL. The quality of life of the patients on hemodialysis is less than the post renal transplant patients with mean and SD of 14.67 ± 1.54 and 18.10 ± 3.54 at P< 0.0001 respectively. Conclusion: This study indicates that the quality of life of the patients in the dialysis is less than the patient undergone renal transplantation.

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