Quality of life in the macedonia

International Journal of Development Research

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Quality of life in the macedonia

Dr. JordeJakimovski and Vladimir Jakimovski


The text refers to the study of certain elements having an impact on the quality of life, that is, the dynamics of the employment and unemployment rate, the rate of poverty, the structure of consumer spending and attitudes of the citizens about the problems in the household. Quality of life as a sociological concept refers to a certain level of satisfaction with the basic and other needs of the population, living conditions, that is, the standard of life. There are numerous elements of quality of life resulting from different other areas of life, such as conditions of employment, housing, education, leisure time, nutrition and more. Employment and consumer spending are the elements of quality of life that can be seen as separate sociological sub-disciplines, which have recently taken a greater interest entitled Sociology of quality of life. In this paper we are going to put a particular focus on them. We are presenting figures obtained through the research of the Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research in Skopje in 2014, and published under the title Public Opinion- 2014, the research being conducted on a representative sample of 1200 respondents in all parts of Macedonia. According to the obtained data an image was created of the current situation in the Republic of Macedonia regarding the problems in the household, the satisfaction of the household income, wherefore it can be said that it is relatively unsatisfactory, but may be changed or improved for a smaller segment of the population. Given the results, which were partly expected, the transitional context of the research area was confirmed. In addition, we also further confirmed the mutual and inseparable connection of employment- income and the personal standard expected in a constant concern for quality life in modern conditions.

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