Rationality in selection of particular quantity of Vamaka Yoga during Vamana in Vasanta RTU – A critical analysis

Dr. Usha, C. and Dr. Shridhara. B. S.

The Panchakarma therapy is not merely a therapeutic regime but also health promotive and preventive measure to protect from the diseases. Panchakarma therapy has a direct impactover both the healthy as well as in the ailing. Vamana Karma is considered as the first, major and arduous procedure of Panchakarma therapy. Literally, Vamana Karma means to induce therapeutic vomiting in order to expel out vitiatedDoshas through oral route. It is a general principle to expel vitiated Doshas from the nearest route, while the oral route is the nearest route for expelling KaphaDosha in the form ofVamana Karma. So the removal of accumulated kaphaDosha from Amashaya is the best way to prevent thekaphajavikaras. It is important to understand that the Vamana Karma is not only indicated in diseased conditions but also in healthy individuals during VasantaRitu (Spring season) for preservation of health and prevention of kaphaja vikaras.2The clinical trial was conducted in a randomized sample of 40 individuals with Madanaphala (Randiadumetorum) is mainly used for Vamana Karma. Apart from Madanaphala, three other drugs are also given in the present study. From the observations and results obtained in the present clinical study, it can be concluded that the matra (dasage) of Madanaphala and other vamakadravyas are varies according to bala, agni and vaya of the individuals.

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