A realistic traffic simulation from the city of rome

International Journal of Development Research

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A realistic traffic simulation from the city of rome

Abdullah Saleh Al-Saleh


Rome is one of the busiest cities in the world and the largest in Italy. Many people use public transportation and due to the heavy rush of people during the office hours, Rome may face severe traffic clogs and jams. Hence, study of the traffic condition of Rome is a subject of great interest of many researchers. Moreover, the Roman authorities have urged the researchers to find suitable solutions in order to address the long running problems in the city. This paper is based on traffic simulations using simulation tools and software that focuses on the study of the traffic condition in Rome. Previously, the researchers needed to manually study and survey the traffic trends in different streets but now, the research activities are aided by the software simulation tools. Hence, this paper focuses on the different traffic simulation tools that are popular among researchers in order to determine their working and benefits during the study of the traffic of a particular area or city. Precisely, traffic simulation requirements, methods, traffic simulators, and a case specific to Rome have been analyzed and discussed.

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