Remediation uranium polluted soil by washing method

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Remediation uranium polluted soil by washing method

Basim. M. Abood, Sabeeha. J. Bedn, Hamza. A. Jassem, Sahar. I. Mustafa and Sameer. G. Hussein


Global concern for environmental protection and reintroduction of radioactive contaminated soils in rehabilitating land circuit of decontamination program of polluted areas; is an important and perpetual task. For remediation of radioactive soils the following systems were used; a) water, b) HNO3, c) C6H7O8, d) NaOH, contact time 4 hours, temperature 80OC. Experimental investigations were performed on 5 soil samples which have been characterized in terms of activity concentration. It was established the remediation degree for each type of soil and reagent. Results show successful remediation to U-238 of radioactive contaminated soil using the system above and the highest efficiency clearly using C6H7O8 as extraction material than HNO3

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