Retrieval of fractured instrument from root canal: a case report

International Journal of Development Research

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4 pages
Research Article

Retrieval of fractured instrument from root canal: a case report

Dr. Aneri Doshi, Dr. Chandni Doshi, Dr. Minal Desai, Dr. Hitesh Doshi


In a day to day practice dentists are facing many problems. One of the common problems is separation of an instrument. The purpose of this article is to create awareness among the practising dentists for the retrieval of the separated instrument that may occur as procedural error during performing endodontic treatment. Review and the case report described here shows successful retrieval of broken instrument that may be tightly wedged in dentine of the root canal. The separation of instrument during root canal procedure can cause troublesome event that may block access to the apical terminus. Dentist can retrieve the separated instruments with use of ultrasonic endodontic instrument. The emphasis of this procedure is that dentists do not need any specialized instrument or specialized skill. Using dental magnification like dental loupes or dental operating microscopes makes the procedure more successful. Chances of success are more with ultrasonic retrieval instrument when separated instruments are in coronal region. However, prevention of file separation is better than attempting removal.

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