Review of 6s methodology

International Journal of Development Research

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Review of 6s methodology

Deepak Dhounchak


In the modern days, the manufacturing companies require not only quality management system standards, but also require the continuous improvement in the quality management and safety of workers in the plant. This requirement is fulfill with the help of many advanced techniques and methods in the manufacturing sector. 6S is the one of most popular method in these days to fulfill the need of manufacturing companies. This method provides the improvement in quality, standards and safety in the plant. The implementation of 6S method in the any organization creates a clean and safer work environment for the employees in that organization. The 6S technology uses many tools like TQM, lean manufacturing etc. to improve the work environment of the any organization or company. The main aim of 6S method is to make the all processes of any organization more efficient and safer. The implementation of 6S method results in improvement in quality, reduction in wastage and cost, increase in efficiency and improvement in safety.

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