A review: indicative function of sequence stratigraphy on fluvial type

International Journal of Development Research

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A review: indicative function of sequence stratigraphy on fluvial type

Zhipeng Lin, Le Chen, Jingfu Shan, Lili Xie, Le Zhang, Wei Fang and Bo Liu


At present, the recognition and research of the classification of fluvial types mainly focus on the description and analysis of a series of indicators, such as the plane shape and sediment characteristics. However, there is limited information on how to study the fluvial types from the deposition process. To propose the application of sequence stratigraphic framework for fluvial systems. We use the principle of concrete analysis for concrete problems by summing up the predecessors of the river type classification scheme. With the research thinking of Process Sedimentology, New systems tracts for fluvial are presented here, including four parts: Low fluvial system tract, Advancing fluvial system tract, Flooding fluvial system tract, Receding fluvial system tract. And apply it to the analysis of the problem of attribution of the traditional division of fluvial. This study embodies the characteristics of Process Sedimentology and helps on research the deposition process of the formation and development of the fluvial system. Moreover, it develops the fluvial classification system from the description stage to a complete rational stage.

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