Safety training and observations reduces incidents – resulting in improved morale and productiveness of employees at work place

Kumar Lalit, Singh, A.K. and Gaurav Kumar

Employees do recognize the importance of safety training and think of it as necessary in a holistic atmosphere where the Organization focusses on Safety management led by Visible Safety Leadership. Systematic and periodic safety training is important for employees to understand the purpose of the training sessions, why it will be useful to them, and how incidents can be reduced at workplace. Also the Safety Observations made by Leadership team at various level of organization during shop floor rounds and following up these points for closure shows their concern for safety. This paper makes an effort to establish the effect of ‘safety trainings’ and ‘safety observations’ on number of incidents. Further, through a randomly selected employee survey, it tries to give an insight on employee morale with respect to these two aspects. The organization under study is Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing Unit of Tata Motors at Lucknow, U.P. India. The company had embarked on a three-year Safety Management System implementation journey with DuPont. The data under study is 2012-13, the first year of journey, when this started, the impact of safety trainings and safety observations was fresh among employees’ mind

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   Vol. 07, Issue 02, February 2017



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