School leadership, school climate, and school performance: experiences of some asian countries

Basu Prasad Subedi

The purpose of this paper is to find out the relationship among school leadership, school climate and school performance. The experiences of five Asian countries: Japan, China, India, Bangaladesh, and Nepal have been taken as the pedestal for the study. Review and analysis of the related documents and literatures were the key basis of the information. Study results suggest that there is harmonic relationship between school leadership, school climate and school performance. Role of shared, distributed and team leadership is crucial to improve positive school climate and positive school climate is also a function of strong socio economic situation (SES) of the concerning community. Results also reveal that professional ethics of the entire school team; accountability; and supportive system of monitoring, supervising and evaluation help to accelerate school toward positive direction. Performance of the school depends on the positive school climate. Individual, organizational and institutional capacity development is essential to develop positive school climate.

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