Socket-shield modified technique: ridge preservation from a case report

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Socket-shield modified technique: ridge preservation from a case report

: Ben Abdallah Sofiene, Tlili Nader, Harzi Meriem, Zaguia Ines and Ben Amor Faten


The buccal lamella is compromised by the extraction, to such an extent that this part of alveolar bone is insufficiently nourished, leading to its total or partial resorption. In order to overcome the negative consequences of tooth extraction various methods have been described in the literature such as hard and soft tissue augmentation following extraction with or without immediate implant placement. Socket shield technique seems to be a good alternative for immediate implant placement. This technique aimed first to preserve the buccal plate of bone and prevent post extraction resorption with leaving the buccal aspect of the root intact. Socket shield technique has demonstrated the potential in preventing buccal bone from resorption in animal and clinical studies. Since, some authors suggested that it may even be possible to do a modified socket shield technique without any of material requirements (collagen cone/membrane).Our article describes a case report of a young patient with fractured right central. This presentation is intended to illustrate a modified socket shield technique, with one single surgical time using individual designed healing abutment to avoid lamellar bone resorption and preserve soft tissue contours. The possibilities and limitations are presented and discussed.

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